Governor Perdue Flight Lessons.







Ron Carroll on Left with Governor Sonny Perdue
Photo By Sheri Christianson, Aerial Innovations of Georgia






Governor George Ervin Perdue III (Sonny) of Georgia has added Private Rotorcraft Helicopter privileges in a Robinson R44 to his pilot’s license July 22nd. The Governor is an accomplished pilot holding a Commercial certificate with Single and Multi-engine ratings. He has over 2800 total hours.


The Governor took his training at Blue Ridge Helicopters, Inc. in Lawrenceville, GA with the owner Ronald E. Carroll. Ron is an active member of the Atlanta Helicopter Pilots Association and a Ten Thousand (10,000) hour Helicopter pilot. Blue Ridge Helicopters has a Frasca Simulator and is a Robinson Authorized Service Center.

The Governor dedicated his vacation time to accomplishing his solo requirements and amassed a total of 66 hours before he was ready to take the check ride. Ron commented that the Governor is “one of the most genuine persons that I have had the pleasure of teaching, a true aviation enthusiast.”

He plans to continue developing his helicopter proficiency by working on additional ratings. Some lucky sightseer or photographer may show up at the airport one day and find out his pilot is none other than the Governor.

Sitting Governor Achieves New Aviation Milestones by Elliott Borenstein
Two-term Governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue has managed to add two significant aviation ratings to his commercial pilot certificate. On September 6th, the Governor took advantage of the Labor Day holiday and passed both the Helicopter Commercial and Helicopter Flight Instructor practical check rides.

Bill Riley, Examiner; Governor Sonny Perdue; Ron Carroll, Instructor at the conclusion of the practical tests. Photo by Patrick Edenfield An experienced 3000-hour Commercial Airplane Pilot, the Governor added a Private Helicopter rating in August of 2008. Since then he has worked with Ron Carroll of Blue Ridge Helicopters in Lawrenceville , GA to gain the skills necessary to accomplish these ratings.

Blue Ridge Helicopters, owned by Carroll, is a Robinson R44 service center and does training and 135 Charters in R44 Helicopters. Ron expects that the Governor will be starting his Helicopter Instrument training soon using Blue Ridge’s Frasca simulator as a training aid.
“Ron is a great instructor and Blue Ridge is a respected aviation company that we are proud to have in Georgia” Governor Perdue said.
The Governor leaves office this January after two very busy terms. Now, with “Flight Instructor” stamped on his ticket, he has expanded his future options.